Clubbing for Businesses

Clubbing for Businesses

Clubbing for Businesses

Most of us have our first experience of joining a club as a child. It is often with scouting or perhaps the safety patrol. In high school, we may join the chess club or yearbook committee. Even in college, there are sororities and fraternities. Clubs, however, can still be valuable as adults and business owners.

While joining a club as a business owner can be beneficial for the company, it shouldn’t be apparent that that is why you have become part of a club. In fact, that could have the opposite effect.

Here are some of the more common clubs and organizations you may find beneficial to join.

Chamber of Commerce

A chamber of commerce is designed to promote the interests of businesses and is mostly made up of local businesses. While they often work closely with local governments, they are not a government agency.


Rotary is an international service group generally made up of business owners and upper management. The group’s main purpose is to promote peace and goodwill worldwide, but clubs also often take on local projects. There are over 46,000 Rotary clubs across the globe.


Kiwanis is a children-focused children’s group that takes on about 150,000 projects per year. It was founded in Detroit in 1915. The organization did not accept women until 1987.

Lions Club

The Lions Club has an impressive 1.4 million members. This is an international service group with a mission of promoting good citizenship and good government. The Lions Club places significant focus on hearing, sight, and speech conservation.

You could also consider joining a local civic or non-profit organization or getting involved in a local project. Getting staff involved can also help the image of your business.

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