Five Positive Habits We Can Take From the Pandemic

Five Positive Habits We Can Take From the Pandemic

Five Positive Habits We Can Take From the Pandemic

“Making the most of a bad situation”

“Making lemonade out of lemons”

“Ending on a positive note”

Americans have a lot of expressions about taking a negative and turning it into a positive. Such may just be the case with the pandemic. Here are some possible potential long-term positives that could result from recent changes in our lifestyles.

Social Distancing

Sure, there are those that miss hugging and shaking hands, but overall, there are also many who have been uncomfortable with the process. Is it really necessary that we stand shoulder to shoulder in grocery lines? Isn’t it a bit nicer to have more space around our table when dining out? Maybe having a little more space around us is a good thing.

Wearing Masks

Nobody enjoys wearing a mask eight hours a day, but on the other hand, masks have shown to keep many of us healthier from a variety of illnesses. Maybe it isn’t a bad idea to voluntarily wear masks in crowded situations and while traveling on public transportation.

Washing Hands More Frequently

Washing hands and utilizing hand sanitizer when necessary is a positive result of recent events. Children are learning the importance of keeping their hands clean and adults have re-learned the process.

Virtual Meetings

Prior to the pandemic, virtual or video conferencing was relatively uncommon. Today, due to remote working, it is commonplace, and that generally is a good thing. It saves on travel, fuel, time, money and use of pants.

Calling in Sick

Prior to the pandemic, calling in sick to work was considered a weakness. Today a sniffle, cough or minor fever is good enough to call in sick and not only will no one blame you, they will thank you.

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